George Ogunsiji on PPC Marketing

George Ogunsiji on PPC Marketing

In this video, George Ogunsiji provides a simple yet effective strategy to improve results with Adwords pay per click marketing.

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Over 90% of Google’s billion dollar annual revenue derives from pay per click advertising. Google has given every local business the ability to attract new customers fast with some amazing tools and strategies to find your target market online. Today’s expert, George Ogunsiji, will outline a simple strategy to help you leverage the power of Google Adwords to get more customers and clients.

The problem is that many local business owners experience real challenges in fully utilising Google’s pay per click marketing platform , Adwords to attract and generate new customers and clients for their business. But with the right approach, Google Adwords can be incredibly very lucrative.

The fact is millions upon millions of consumers are going online every day in search of products and services and Google’s platform represents an enormous opportunity for local business owners to capture those consumers.

The problem however is that many businesses experience real challenges in converting those visitors into actual paying customers and clients.

So what I’d like to do is share a three part strategy which will go at least some way to addressing the problem.

Firstly local business owners should identify those keywords that their prospects and potential customers would use to go online online to buy their products and services as opposed to the typical keywords that somebody would use when going online to browse. So its important to identify clear, buyer-intent, keywords.

Secondly, the Google Adword campaign should be structured to target only those prospects and visitors who are using those high buyer intent keywords, and for local business owners, those visitors and prospects who are actually located in their particular area.

Thirdly, business owners should ensure that when a visitor clicks on their ad, they are directed not to their website but to a high converting landing page. Let me explain.

A landing page is a page designed to do one thing and one thing only, to get people s who land on that page to pick up the phone and call the business.

The problem with a typical website is that typically it has a lot of information, a lot of links to pages, all of which merely serve to distract the visitor so its important for visitors who click on the ad to go directly to a high converting landing page.

And incidentally a high converting landing page can triple or even quadruple the number of calls that one can expect from people who have visited that page as opposed to the number you would ordinarily receive from people who have merely hit the main website.

We specialise in helping local business owners achieve significant and sustainable business growth by leveraging several key marketing systems. For those businesses who would like to learn a little more, we would be more than happy to help and we can be contacted on 0203 389 8017. Thank you.


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