Facebook PPC for small businesses/ How to make it work for your small business

Facebook PPC for small businesses/ How to make it work for your small business

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Facebook PPC for small businesses

Are you a small business owner who wants to learn how to use Facebook PPC ads to grow your business?

Great, however you don’t want to go to an e-commerce guru to learn Facebook PPC.

Here are the three reasons why modeling a large-scale e-commerce campaign will not work for small businesses.

1. Audience size
2. Campaign /Ad set size
3. Budget

Lets look at each reason in depth

Audience Size

Small business normally advertises to a local audience. E-Commerce businesses normally advertise to a national or international audience.

Small businesses have to be concerned with ad frequency because of limited audience size.

Most E-Commerce gurus recommend a audience of 1-2 million. Its unlikely a small business campaign can target a 1-2 million audience locally.

Campaign / Ad Set Size

The campaign strategy for large audience E-Commerce is this.
1. Create a campaign/ budget around 5k-10k
2. Create 7-10 ad sets to different audiences
3. Keep the ad sets that work and kill the ad sets that are not performing.

This strategy will not work for most small businesses because they do not have the 5k-10k to test.

Small businesses will be better served testing on a small budget of $500-1k and optimizing from that point on.


Once again , most of the E-Commerce gurus have had their success using a budget of 5k-10k to test. I know some E-Com guys that spend 25k or more daily on Facebook.

A small business cannot build successful campaigns modeling 5k-10k campaigns. Facebook ad delivery algorithm works differently based total budget.


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