Facebook PPC Foundations: The Pixels Part 1

Facebook PPC Foundations: The Pixels Part 1

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One of the pillars of your Facebook marketing should be your
Facebook pixel.

Correctly utilizing your Facebook pixel can increase your profits and decrease your ad spend.

Facebook is a very powerful platform and the Facebook “spiders” know what is going on whenever you are on their platform. However Facebook does not have any idea what is going on when you leave Facebook.

This is where the pixel comes into play. Facebook uses their pixel to send data to their system when a user is not on Facebook.

This is how you can make the pixel work for you. Put a Facebok audience pixel on your website, landing pages or blog.
Whenever a visitor hit the page with the pixel inserted, that information is sent back to Facebook.

After Faceook obtains a certain amount of data, they can start optimizing your ad campaigns based on the data sent to them via your Facebook pixel. This process is called “optimizing for conversions.”

Apply Facebook pixels to your website, landing pages or blog today. You will thank me for it later.


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