Google Premier Partner | Adwords | PPC | Digital Marketing | Tulsa, OK

Google Premier Partner | Adwords | PPC | Digital Marketing | Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK Google Premier Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who are certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts, for SMB’s In Tulsa, OK including Mobile, Shopping, Video, Display. Companies who qualify for Google Premier SMB Partner status earn the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge.

BH Digital Marketing Services of Tulsa, OK has earned all the Google Partner Badges including Google Analytics. BH Digital Marketing Services also has a number of individuals who achieved the title of Google Specialist.
Many Tulsa, OK business owners have SEM questions,
What is a Google partner?
What is an SMB partner?
How do I sign up for Google Partners?
What is Google search partners?

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BH Media Group | BH Digital Marketing Services are Berkshire Hathaway Companies. In addition to its digital services group, BH Media owns WPLG Miami TV Station, 111 newspapers in 10 states. New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Iowa. Berkshire Hathaway Media Group also has a publishing solutions division that specializes in printing and delivery services throughout the United States.

“We are very energized about our ever-expanding relationship with Google by becoming one of their Premier SMB Partners,” said Bob Musilek, BH Media Group’s Director of Digital Agency. “The Premier Partners achievement emphasizes our long-term commitment to helping small and medium-sized businesses better understand digital marketing. The Google Premier SMB Partner Program provides BH Digital Services with added insights, detailed training, and support all dedicated to helping us better serve our valued clients and communities across the markets we serve.”
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