How To Setup BingAds PPC Campaign Using Expanded Text Ads 2018

How To Setup BingAds PPC Campaign Using Expanded Text Ads 2018

How To Setup BingAds PPC Campaign Using Expanded Text Ads 2018

This video helps you to create and setup a Bing Ads PPC Campaign with Expanded Text Ads Format. Bing has announced that they are phasing out their support for normal Text Ads as of Jul 31 2017. If you are into Affiliate Marketing using the platforms like Clickbank and wish to know How to Use the Hoplinks or Tracking URLs in your campaigns … then this video is for you.

Bing has been one of the promising PPC platforms for many newbies or experienced marketers. If you are into Affiliate marketing and looking ways to Make Money Online using PPC campaigns for your CPA offers on Bing, this is the best video to help you get started with their updated ad formats.

In this video, you will learn how to setup the campaign with out the need of own landing page, which is Direct Linking to the offer using the Affiliate URL or the Hop Link (in case of Clickbank). Bing allows Direct Linking to the offers you promote and this is one of the Best thing for newbies. Though having a landing page is Great thing, it might not be a choice that everyone could be comfortable with in the initial days. So, just use this direct linking option and start reaping money.

‘Peerfly’ is one among the Best Affiliate Networks, which is also considered for this video. You can apply the setup process, pretty much to any offer from any network (Clickbank, Maxbounty, etc.,). This video is created with an offer available at the time of creation and not guaranteed to be available all the time.

Quick Links
Creating a New Ad –
Editing an Existing Ad –
Sample Ad Tracking –

Join Peerfly here –

For more Information on the BingAds Expanded Text Ads & their support towards Text Ads, you can visit their official link @

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Disclaimer – PPC campaigns are prone to loosing money. Be sure to use the best available coupons or start with lower budgets to avoid losses.

How To Setup BingAds PPC Campaign using Expanded Text Ads 2017

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