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Internet Marketing in San Jose | Keyword Planner and PPC Marketing

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Hey, it’s Paul Piccione. And today, I want to talk to you about the new Google Planner and what you need to know. If you tried to use the Google Keyword Tool lately or today, you’re going to be redirected and Google is going to tell you that they’ve replaced the Keyword Tool with the Keyword Planner. So in this video, I want to share with you what you need to know about the Keyword Planner.

So first things first, is that you have to log in to a Google account to access the Keyword Planner. So it’s no longer a public tool.

Number two is you can no longer segment traffic by device. So you get desktop, tablet, mobile, all lump in to one. So it’s all accumulative data. Because of this, you’re often going to find that your results in the Keyword Planner are higher than they were in the Google Keyword Tool.

Three, there is no longer search volume estimates by match type. So, all that there is exact match. So no more broad and phrase match.

Number four, Google added a feature to see seasonal trends. This is actually pretty cool, just by clicking on the little graph icon to the right of the keyword. And one of my favorite additions is the ability to filter to the city level for the keywords that you’re targeting. This is a big, big deal for local search.

But overall, I’m kind of disappointed as usual, I guess. There really are no big pluses for this change. Google made doing keyword research easier for AdWords and of course, harder for SEOs like myself and everybody else once again.

So I hope these five tips will help you use the Google Keyword Planner and get all that you can out of the new tool. Definitely check out the additions for the targeting with local search.

That’s it for this video. Make sure that you subscribe below so you can get all the updates for all the videos that I put out for you guys. Have an awesome, awesome day.


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