Is it a good idea to hire a marketing agency for social media, Facebook marketing or SEO

Is it a good idea to hire a marketing agency for social media, Facebook marketing or SEO

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In this tutorial I discuss whether it is a good idea to hire a marketing agency or a marketing consultant or freelancer to help you with your social media marketing, SEO, or Facebook marketing. In my opinion, if you are just starting out, you should learn how to do these things yourself for a number of reasons. The first reason is that after you learn a little bit about how to do Facebook, social media marketing, or SEO marketing that you will be able to tell whether the agency, employee or freelancer you hire for this will be doing a good job, and promoting your business correctly. You will be able to evaluate their strategy and execution.

Another reason I think that you should not hire an agency or a consultant is because very often you don’t know how good they are until after you have spent your money. All of them will tell you about how great they are, but you only find out if that is true after hiring and paying them.

In addition, many of the freelance marketers or marketing agencies, promise that they will use some of the most honest and best practices, but they often don’t. Instead, they often cur corners and do what seems like they did the job correctly where they really didn’t. As their customer you might only find out when you get penalized by Google or something like that, or if their efforts prove ineffective after a long time of trying and wasting money on it.

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