Pay Per Call – Hard Close vs. Soft Close

Pay Per Call - Hard Close vs. Soft Close


Welcome to RingProfit! In this video we discuss the hard close vs the soft close when closing prospected businesses. Most gurus will teach always hard close, which they are absolutely 100% right. You need to go into every call that you will close this business, you need to do it every step of the way, it needs to be a mindset instilled. However, in PPC, you don’t need to hard close. You should close, but it’s a simple take it or leave it. Why? Because you are sending them business, either they want it or they don’t, and you don’t need more then 2-3 businesses in a specific GEO to make bank.

Whatever business you get into, whether it’s PPC pay per call marketing, a brick & mortar business, or simply running affiliate offers, there is no denying that building out assets in which you own, data which is yours, not the advertisers, is powerful.

Scaling your business is something you can do with pay per call, not the affiliate model where all you bank on is the conversion. You want to think outside the box, get accustomed to building out a client list of businesses looking for customers, generating traffic organically via your own built properties, and driving targeted traffic from Adwords, Bing and Facebook.

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