REPLAY: Real Estate Lead Generation With Facebook Ads & Adwords w/Matt Scheid

REPLAY: Real Estate Lead Generation With Facebook Ads & Adwords w/Matt Scheid

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Real Estate Uncensored Episode 11:
Matt Scheid of Prime Seller Leads joins us to share how top agents are generating seller leads on Facebook and Google PPC, and how any agent can get started using those tools.

Best quote: “That’s part of the secret of success with internet leads; it’s a numbers game, and it’s about working every lead the same way every time.” Matt Scheid

And here’s what we covered with timestamps so you can jump to the section that most interests you:

[4:40] Why start with Facebook/Google ads to generate seller leads
[5:01] The definition of a “quality” lead is – a lead generated by a straightforward ad, with no additional incentive and where the lead has to manually input their information in exchange for the info they want
[5:30] Search intent and why top agents get higher conversion ratios on Google leads, even though leads are more plentiful and a little cheaper on Facebook
[6:30] Lead follow-up and scripts to convert internet seller leads. Greg’s team calls leads 6x in the first 2 days to make sure they reach the lead then put them into appropriate drip campaigns
[10:00] Using “set-and-forget” drip campaigns using email, video and text to automate as much of your follow-up as possible
[10:30] Elements to get started:
1. Find a system for the leads to go to and a landing site,
2. Set up your Google Adwords account (set up a dummy ad at first to get past Adwords Express)
3. Build your first ad (Headline, Display URL and two lines of text) and why Home Value offers are the most effective
4. Use the Google Ad Preview tool and incorporate the feedback Google gives you to tweak our ad
5. Allow the ad to run for 1-2 days, then run a Diagnosis Report and make adjustments
[14:03] Negative keywords- How to use them to make your ads more targeted and effective, and how to use call-out extensions
[17:05] Why structured follow-up is part of the secret to success – It’s about working every lead the same way every time
[17:35] How one of Matt’s Prime Seller clients converted “Mickey Mouse” into an active client
[20:25] Why start with a $10/day budget with Google PPC and $5/day on Facebook
to generate leads as a solo agent
[24:31] Keep it simple – the more complexity you add the more your lead conversion goes down
[27:30] Why the goal of PPC ads are to generate responses from the RIGHT people, not the maximum response rate, and why Matt doesn’t recommend offering gas cards or other incentives in your ads
[29:00] How to make your landing page ‘hyper-local’
[31:06] Getting started with Facebook ads- Why set up a second Business page for ads only so it can tie into the Business Ad Manager – Matt and Greg’s best ideas for running very specific ads to very specific groups
[34:50] Two specific ad keyphrasses you can use immediately to generate seller leads on Facebook
[37:49] Matt’s observation that top agents are seeing 30% response rates on texts and texting campaigns to internet leads, and why you must adjust your medium and messaging for different demographic groups
[41:35] How to use outsourced labor on Fiverr to build your Facebook seller ads, and how Greg generated a 6-15 leads/day experimenting with Facebook seller ads for the first time
[44:45] How to use remarking to make your follow-up even more effective by running branding ads to people who have visited your landing page
[48:00] How to upload your existing email list or database to Facebook as a custom audience so you can run new listing, branding or referral generation campaigns as another form of remarking
[50:38] How to use a pre-recorded video response in your lead follow-up campaign
[52:18] Why get started on Facebook first so you can get comfortable with responding to leads, get your scripts and follow-up structure together


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